Know your limitations……

So we’ve been dumped on with a bunch of snow, AGAIN. Gotta love New England weather! On Tuesday we got about 4 inches then Wednesday we got a foot.  It was fun shoveling a passageway for the pups. Why can’t they just learn how to use toilets? Man, that would make life so much easier!

We have a nice deck in our back yard, but that’s hidden under about 3 ft of snow drifts.  I tried to open our back door, but no success.  I managed to throw on a buttload of clothes, got my shovel ready, and wedged my way through the back door. We couldn’t even open the front door! Because we had snow a day before, it felt like I was shoveling 100lbs of massive ice. All I have to say is that I got my workout in, and my upper body feels GREAT today!

I’m writing this blog today because I want everyone to know their limitations and always know that safety COMES FIRST!The other day I was working at at My-Fit-24 and you know those annoying men that do bicep curls with weight more than they can handle, and they grunt like they have to go to the bathroom? Yeah, we had one of those.  When I work out, I zone out.  Basically, I’m in my own little world, really concentrating on my workouts.  Well, this dude was really trying to get my attention.  The more I ignored him, the more he grunted. I almost wanted to ask him if he’d like for me to go to the store and get him some Mylax. Now I nicknamed him Mylax.

Mylax was at the bench press, preparing for whatever weight he placed on the bar. I didn’t look, nor did I care.  I wanted to work on getting my Serratus Anterior strong at the Cable machine by doing a few Paloff Press’s.  As I prep for my press, I hear a GRUNT (mind you, this was no macho grunt) and then I hear the bar fly. I turned to see what had happened, and by that time, the bar flew up in the air, weights fell on the ground, then the bar flipped around on the other side and more weights slammed on the ground.  I ran towards this IDIOT to see if he was ok.  He looked up at me, smiled (like he PLANNED this whole thing) and stated that he was fine. Ridiculous.  That was the first word that came to mind. And then TWERP was added in there.

I looked at Mylax and told him NOT TO EVER DO THAT AGAIN! If he needs a spot, to ask. Matter of fact, you should ALWAYS have a spotter! I explained that I was a trainer and that I work there.  I insisted that I spot him if he plans on doing any more bench pressing.

He wanted the SAME weight back on the bar to try it again. I said, “Dude, if you can’t bench this, then why try again? You’re only setting yourself up for injury.”  He insisted that we keep the same weight.  As I assisted him, I guided him on his technique and form and held the bar the hold time,  poor Mylax barely benched it.  After he was finished, I suggested that he look into getting a trainer and I can give him some good names. If he wants to learn the proper way to bench,  then he should hire a trainer.  He was too busy trying to show his muscles off, so I felt like I wasted my time. It was all about show, not safety for him.

So I decided to look at the surveillance cameras to see what really happened, and this was pretty similar as to how he lost it: 

Just imagine the weights falling off on each end.  He’s lucky no one was standing next to him!

Just know your limitations! If you can’t lift it, it’s too heavy. Remember, it’s about TECHNIQUE and FORM, not about volume.  You shouldn’t have to grunt to do a bicep curl, that’s ridiculous.  ALWAYS ASK FOR A SPOTTER.  You should have a spotter on the bench no matter what.  SAFETY COMES FIRST.  If you’re trying to impress someone, they would rather you see you do a full rep than watch your veins pop out and explode all over your face!

With that, here’s an awesome video for you!  Yes I have an aircast on, but that doesn’t stop me from working out!

Have a great day!


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