I Love My Job….

Hello everyone!

I would like to say that I LOVE MY JOB! I enjoy what I do, and I just enjoy PEOPLE.  Changing someone’s life is just priceless to me. It’s not too often that you’ll find someone who absolutely LOVES their job, but unfortunately…..I do. I look forward to bootcamp meets as I always have something fun and new to show them; I love meeting up with my one on ones because they are making a life changing decision that will affect them for their whole lifetime; and I enjoy giving consults to get those excited for their wellness journey.

I want to change as many lives as I can, but unfortunately, I can’t get to everyone.  So, as part of my theme, every month my business donates 3% of the proceeds to a charity. Last bootcamp, we donated to the American Heart Association for the Boston Air Climb that I was supposed to attend. Well….unfortunately, I thought I got a stress fracture in my left foot, but it turns out to be an irritated tibial nerve. There’s a 50% chance I may have to have surgery to reduce swelling….ugh. DON’T EVER TELL THAT TO A TRAINER!  I’m attending two triathlons and a Warrior challenge in Mass, can we wait til afterwords? 😉

Recently, I gave a nutritional seminar. It went REALLY well. I had about 11 bootcampers, which is actually for bootcampers only. It’s a great incentive for the Boot Camp program. Everyone is allowed to bring a friend and it includes food and refreshments! I believe it was truly informational for everyone that attended. I explained the basics of a carb, fat, protein, and fiber. Then I compared organic foods vs. conventional foods. This was the eye peeler for most. I talked about the company Monsato and how they are destroying local farmers.  It went really well! If you’re intrested, shoot me an email, workoutwithlindsay@gmail.com, and I can email you the slides 🙂

Nutrition is VERY hard journey for most individuals.  It’s a lifestyle that I find for most of my clients to change. When you become so accustomed to foods that you are used to eating, it’s a hard habit to step away from.  I always tell everyone, “Your wellness journey starts in the kitchen, not at the gym!.” You can’t eat what you want, workout, and expect results. It doesn’t happen that way. Your body responds to BOTH food and exercise! The healthier and more pure the foods, the more you’re body will respond the way you want 🙂

Keep your eyes open for an exercise of the week this week, and I will be writing an article about Monsato, and will provide some informational videos for you!

Have a great day everyone!



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