Exercise of the Week

As many of you may know, I entered into a Warrior Dash this June. It’s 3 miles of tough trails and challenging obstacle courses! Now, the thing about New England is that it’s pretty hilly! So this may be a tough course! I’m going to have to train hard to make sure that I get in the Top 10! Don’t expect me to wear a silly hat or a fur coat like the other goons.  That will only weigh me down! But there will be blood shed. …..

I’m also entering in a Into the Mud Challenge in May. That is also a 3 mile course at a local Middle School with some fun obstacles that are PURE MUD. Check it out!

Since I am doing these fun courses and planning on tackling the Great Adventure Challenge again, I need some fun exercises to get my body ready for these tough courses. Spring is here, the snow is melting, and everyone is ITCHING to get outside and move around! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to tackle some tough trails!

In order to prepare your body for some tough challenges, you’ll need a 5-6 day program to get pumped.  Talk to your trainer or seek a professional to help you with a program designed SPECIFICALLY for you.  It’s tough to do these workouts on your own, especially if your not familiar with equipment or exercises. So make sure to hire someone to help you with a program. That’s what we’re here for!

Now, most of you know that I do not do any flexion or extension exercises when dealing with the spine or mid-section. Why, you ask? There are limitations. Well, read one of my previous articles  for a recap: The Plank.

What I’m going to post will not be for the average person.  This is aimed for those who have mastered the plank and have a strong, stable upper body. However, they are fun to try.  If you can’t do them, try the body saw.

I call this the Army Crawl.  It’s a great anti-extension and flexion of the spine. It works the upper body just as well as the abs! However, if you have a shoulder injury, I would advise you to not try these. Like I said, these are best for those who have mastered the plank and have a stable, strong upper body. But check it out:

Keep head in line with spine, hips neutral, and arms right under shoulders. Maintain the plank position the whole time and really try to keep the hips from shifting back and forth. I dare you to try!


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