Even with a baby, there’s always time to workout

I meet so many individuals that blame their lack of inactivity on their kids.


Are they holding an AK47 to your head telling you that if you go workout they will shoot you in the face?

Have they duck-taped you to the couch, meanwhile stuffing potato chips in your mouth?

I think not. Actually, I would hope none of this would happen!

This is a great opportunity to do activities with your children! Instead of watching them play frisbee, why not hop in and burn some extra calories (not only that, you’re spending quality time with your child!) Crawl with your youngest and chase them around the house! Use your 9 month old as some weight to do chest presses. The list can go on!

I took Ayda with me to workout yesterday and she kept chasing me around. So what I did to keep her in one spot AND get a good workout was put her on a 45lb plate and push her along! She added an extra 16lbs so it was a fun , yet sweaty workout!!! Check it out!

I’m tired of hearing parents state that they just don’t have time to focus on themselves because of their children’s schedule.  I understand that children can be a handful, I have one myself (and she gets into EVERYTHING), but this doesn’t mean you can’t focus on your goals in life.  Find ways to get them involved with your activities: the bond between you and your child will grow stronger the more you are together! Also, set up a routinely schedule for yourself, for example, put in your books that you will be going to the gym MWF for 45min-1hr (have your husband do the same so he can get in, for example, TTHSat ).

Every parent needs time to themselves. I don’t care what you say, but you have to focus on your needs as well. You need to be healthy and SANE to be there for your family, and the only way to do that is make time for yourself throughout the week. So schedule out your routines, whether its a walk on the beach for an 1hr to Zumba class for45min AND KEEP IT AT A SET TIME. Don’t bump times or cancel your ‘YOU’ times because the more you do that, the less you’ll spend time on your needs.

Moby Wraps are GREAT! It’s like a Snugli, but SO MUCH BETTER. It holds your child closer to you so they feel secure (and you do too!).  They’re perfect in that you can put it on easily, plop your child in, and do house work, rake the yard, or WORK OUT! I’ve taught Zumba, Kids Sports Jam, and my boot camps MANY times with Ayda in my wrap. It was great! Everyone loved it, Ayda loved it, and I could work with her close to me! Not only that, I get some good workouts with her in it also.  Inverted Rows anyone?


3 thoughts on “Even with a baby, there’s always time to workout

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