Ginger-the powerful plant

Two varieties of ginger as sold in Haikou, Hai...

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Alright, I know that it’s been a while since I’ve posted onto my blog. I think it’s because I’ve been so caught up in focusing on myself and my family, that I’ve kinda put work and everything else aside.  This pregnancy has been rougher than the last, but I’m so in tuned with my body now.  I think I just needed to mentally prepare myself for the new addition, so I can be there for my family on our new journey 🙂

Pregnancy brings all sorts of ‘fun’ changes to the mind, body, and soul.  It’s a bumpy road that we all have to truly not only mentally prepare ourselves for, but be ready to meet up with some INTERESTING challenges. One of them, HEARTBURN.  OOOOoooooohhhhh how it ticks me off.  Even when I eat fruits and vegetables (the healthy freak-zoid that I am), that burn creeps up my esophagus and makes my mornings or evenings a drag!  Well, I’ve found a ‘cure’ for that. And this is something that we always add to our recipes, it’s in our teas, in our seasonings, and always available at your local store: GINGER.

Ginger is one of the oldest, most widely used plants in the world. It is a native to India, and has been used as a spice for over 4000 years.  No, this not the pickled, pink crap that you find in the jar or at your local Chinese Super Buffet.  You want the REAL stuff.  You know, that ugly looking root that you find in the produce section? It’s one of those spices that you look at and say, ‘What the….’ and then put it back down.  Well, I suggest that you pick that root back up and put it in your damn cart.  Everyone should have one of these amazing roots at home.

Ginger has been known to be a valuable medicine herb.  The Chinese discovered it’s benefits for digestion, nausea, and diaherrea.  Today, studies have proven for this awesome herb to be highly effective for digestion, nausea, diaherrea, motion sickness, and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.  They have have also shown ginger to be a powerful anti-inflammatory for: arthritis, headaches, and those stubborn mentrual cycles.  Even if you have the common cold or flu-like symptoms, it has shown to reduce nausea and pressure build up.

Studies have also found that it may aid in lowering cholesterol, prevent blood clotting, and even contain anti-cancer benefits.  WHAT?! Who knew that an ugly looking root could be so AWESOME.

So are you ready to incorporate ginger into your diet? It’s pretty simple.  Just buy the root and cut up into little pieces to add to your teas and/or meals.  It’s ok to take orally too.  But just know that it’s a potent herb, so you won’t need much!  Trust me, as soon as I get heartburn, I cut off a little piece to ingest, and it goes away in seconds.  Pretty cool stuff 🙂


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