FDA Approved the Increase of Antibiotics in Animals

Buying from your local farmer has plenty of perks. And by that I mean those animals that they raised on their farms have tea parties and frollock through fields of wild flowers.  Like that cow to the right, the happier the animal, the safer your foods. I would definitely have a cup of tea with that cow.

Well, because our government SUCKS and does not allow regulation with the FDA, they approve things without even testing their product before putting it out on the market.  For example, antibiotics.  Because America is breeding like cockroaches, the government feels that we need to keep up with our production. While I understand that to a certain extent, it doesn’t mean that we should use and abuse our animals to make US happy and satisfied.  Antibiotics has been used on our animals way before MY time.  They felt that by pumping the cows with these antibiotics it would help ward off diseases to keep the animals healthy. While I could write another post about by using pesticides on the grass that the cows eat in an enclosed area for them to roam, then stuffing them into a 4×4 cage in their own feces; can all cause deformity and disease. I will quit babbling and focus on the subject of antibiotics. 🙂

According to FDA data, they have proclaimed that the use of antibiotics on animals have increased by 6.7% from 2009 to 2010.  Meat production has increased by 1.3%.  This increase has produced about 30.6 million pounds of drug dosage.  The scarey thing is that farm animals account for 74% of antibiotic use in the US. It’s crazy to think that we are more worried about increasing domestic animal production (without doing further research) rather than looking into our own health.

Still thinking about buying that 22oz steak at the store? Think again…..

Antibiotic use in factory farming takes a toll on human health. When human bacteria is constantly introduced to small amounts of antibiotics, they develop immunity to them.  This makes the use of antibiotics for humans useless as it makes it harder to treat infections. Within some time, the stronger strands of bacteria will be passed down to other generations. This will and can cause problems as it will make it impossible to heal the sick.

So you think the FDA is protecting our health? Think again. We didn’t ask for this.  Also, know what you eat. It’s best that you start supporting your local farmer’s and purchase that happy cow, pig, goat, chick, etc.  I hope soon that we will all be enjoying our afternoons over a cup of tea with the animals 🙂





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