Five Tips to Healthy Eating While Traveling

Most jobs today require a lot of traveling. And this could be why most individuals today are the risk of diabetes, cancer, disease, etc., due to poor habits. We are busy people. Matter of fact, we are so busy that we forget to take care of our own bodies. This is the moment where I tell you to be selfish! Quit thinking about delivering papers by an exact time or closing on accounts last minute to meet a company’s protocol! Poor decision making and lack of time management skills will cause unhappy endings. So lets look at some some ideas that could help you during your travels.

  1. Pre-Plan your week. Look into your schedule for the week. Will you be traveling? Where will you be going and for how long? For all you Android or I-phone nerds, there are apps that you can download that will help manage your time and tasks. You can even stream something as simple as Google Calendar that will help organize your tasks, events, and meetings. Once you have all your meetings, events, tasks, travels, etc., in your phone or handheld calendar, now you can input when you’ll exercise or go for strolls. The more consistent you are at organizing your weeks, the easier it will be for you to get jobs done AND figure in times for YOU.
  2. Pack Snacks. What people don’t realize is that all airlines allow you to bring food past security. It’s just the liquids that are a big NO NO. Fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are so easy to grab and go. Stash them in your carry on bag and run out the door to make that flight! All the snacks at the airport grocery stores are loaded with so much sugar and corn syrup, it’s not worth putting that crap in your mouth. Plus, it’s overpriced! You can even bring oatmeal in a baggie, go to Starbucks or any store that sells coffee, and ask for hot water in a coffee cup. You can dump your oatmeal in the cup to munch on while waiting for your plane. Oh! And bring an empty drink container. You can fill it up at the water fountain or filtered machines at the stores 😉
  3. Get your exercise ON! Remember how I talked about the pre-planning? Well, here’s where you will get your workouts in! When booking your hotels for travel, make sure they have a fitness facility. Even if it’s just a pair of dumbbells and a treadmill, hey, it’s better than nothing! If you can’t find anything due to costs, look for something that is by a park. Here’s where you get creative: go for a walk! Ah! What? A walk? Yes, it’s that simple. Traveling and work can be stressful. So make sure to put time away for yourself, even if it’s just a mere 20 minutes! Exercise gets those endorphins pumping. When this happens, it can alleviate stress and up your mood! So get to moving!
  4. Choose wisely at restaurants. When going out to eat with clients, bosses, and/or prospects, don’t feel like you have to keep up with those meat eaters! Scan the menus. Most places have a ‘lighter options’ choice. However, be careful to not eat the whole serving. Just because it’s LIGHT doesn’t mean that you can scarf the whole thing into your face! If there isn’t a ‘lighter option’ choice, focus on a hearty dish loaded with veggie. For example, a massive salad loaded with fruit and veggie with dressing on the side. Or, choose a dish doubled with veggie and a light protein, for example, fish. Make sure it’s not cooked in butter or oils (or request for it) and no seasonings. Sometimes they put enough salt on your dish to cause a heart attack! If your prospects, clients, co-workers, etc., are heavy drinkers, don’t feel like you have to keep up with the college drinkers. Set your limit to one drink and head off to bed. You need good sleep so you can focus on work the next day 😉
  5. Research Farmer’s Markets in the area you’ll be traveling to. I saved the best for last. Ya’ll may think I’m crazy for putting this, but if we all did this while traveling, then I think most of us would be living a happy, healthier life right now! Here is an awesome link to use to research markets in the area you’ll be traveling to: Most hotels you stay at have a fridge or even a full kitchen. So you will be able to stock up on fresh foods for the time of your business event. Make your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ll save money, AND it’s all healthy and fresh! If you’re not a cook at heart, it’s ok! Check out and type in the ingredients you have on hand 🙂 If you’re only staying for a day or two, still go to the farmer’s market. Most markets are pre-made healthy meals ready to go. Also, fruit and veggie are so easy to grab and go. You’ll need a stock for the plan ride home!

With these few tools, it’ll help you attain those goals you’ve been trying to grasp onto. Remember, it’s a lifestyle change, not a 30 day change. However, with these few changes, it’ll get you where you need to go to live a longer, happier life!

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