23 1/2 Hours in a Day

You know the biggest excuse I get from my clients and customers when I coach them on their health is: I DON’T HAVE TIME. Most the time, I’d like to shake these individuals and scream until I’m blue in the face, but then my business would probably fail! Instead, I’m here to coach others, and I’m here to share that: THERE IS TIME.

We all have 24 hours in a day, right? Well, we choose to sleep 6-8 of those hours and work on average 8-9. When adding things up, that’s about 6-7 hours left of the day. Most of you have children. So there are practices and other extra-curricular activities that take in effect after work and/or school.  And of course, most of us have to make dinner for our families, give children a bath, read them a book before bed, etc. Or for those who are kid-free, a night of bowling and drinking with the friends is common. So now we’re looking at about 2-3 hours left in the day. How those hours are spent are up to you, but I guarantee most of you sit your butt down on the couch with a glass of wine or can of beer to watch your favorite episode of ‘Revolution’ or ‘Dexter.’

We have two very young beautiful girls, balance two businesses, so I know how busy life can get, but there is still no excuse to forget about our own health. There is still TIME. There is time for YOU and your HEALTH. Don’t waste it any second of it. I heard this quote from someone a few weeks ago, “The days are long, but the years go fast.” You know how we get that feeling that time flies by? And we can’t believe that it’s almost the end of 2012 already? That’s how fast the years go by. So cherish the time you have left set aside for your health, because by next year, you could be the next victim of disease. Take the time to LEARN about prevention, LEARN about maintaining good health, and LEARN about our foods.   Watch this video. It’s only 10min of your 23 1/2 hour day 😉


One thought on “23 1/2 Hours in a Day

  1. As a trainer I always find it amazing how most people don’t make exercise and their personal health a priority – until something happens or a diagnoses is made. Good motivational post!

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