Face the Fear, and Go on the Adventure

We are back safe and sound from our 2 month adventurous journey! It’s been one HECK of a ride, but worth every minute of it!  Some have called us crazy for doing it, and others envy us for the time we have to travel with our family.

For those of you who think we are crazy: WE ARE. It’s not everyday you find a family that just packs up to leave their home, take their kids, change lives, and inspire others to do the same.  Most families would rather stay home, complain about their finances, and fret about the lack of TIME and ENERGY to do anything. I find this a common theme with a lot of individuals that I meet.The excuses are always the same: money, time, and kids. I get it, life happens, but the more procrastination sets in on attaining the dream, the less likely it will EVER be achieved. Money is an object that can EASILY be replaced. Time is everything. Most of us trade time for dollars. Money may pour out the more hours that are put in, but the time will never be given back with the family or for YOURSELF. And as for kids, it really is a disappointment to hear family use children as the excuse to not be able to get what they want. Children should be the REASON to attain a dream/goal, not the EXCUSE.


So since I have debunked those common excuses, I want to talk to those of you that envy us, you can do it too. It’s real simple: take the plunge. Like Jim Rohn says, “Success is not pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you BECOME.”  I love that quote! Repeat that quote over and over again. The value of attaining a goal is not what you get, it’s the person you become.

Justin and I have had some people frown at what we are doing, especially those that we love. They warned us that the path we were going down would require a lot of risks. We have two children, ages 2 1/2 and 1 1/2, so yes, the traveling, time, and money would be a big risk for them. But these were risks that we were willing to take for our family. Now, mind you, those that warned us are still complaining about their 50-60 hour J.O.B’s (journey of broke), and are still at home wishing they were able to travel and do the things they’ve always desired to do 😉 But we’re not mad at them at all for warning us, we know that they love and care about us. They just don’t understand the reasons behind why we are doing what we are doing. They will soon, time will come.


Now going back to risks: A risk taker knows that it won’t be an easy journey, but it’s a journey of making things better. There will be bumps in the road, challenges to face, but it’s how the confrontations are handled that will determine the path. When we left late December, we had a lot of money saved for our big trip. We were willing to accept that when we got back home in February, we’d be on the budget, but not for long! We chose to head out because we knew that the people we spent time with on the picture to the right would be time lost if we didn’t get to see them. Lives were changed here, it was a great time!

In January, we ventured to Florida to fly out of Lauderdale to head out to San Antonio, TX for a business meeting. The original plan was for our parents to come up from the Keys to Lauderdale, pick up the girls, then we’d meet up with them once we flew back. Things made a big turn as we got word that Justin’s uncle had passed from pancreatic cancer. ImageI was fortunate to see them over Christmas and spend time with Aunt Lynn. Justin and the girls were not able to see them as they were sick over Christmas, and since Steve was so sick, it would not make sense for them to come over and pass the bug to him. I will tell you, the time spent with Lynn was beautiful. She needed to be in the conversation that we had because I don’t think she’s ever had a talk like that before. It was a remarkable 3 hours well spent with her, and I’m so glad to have them in my life. Uncle Steve is proud of you, Aunt Lynn. Don’t ever forget the happiness you two had, and never let it go! Aunt Lynn told us to continue our journey, and to infect as many people with our love and happiness! And so we did, we continued on…..


We ventured to San Antonio, TX, met so many unique individuImageals with the same stories as us. We also met people that had even higher risks, but they made it! We gained many new friendships and even made it on the big screen!  Watch out, that was just a sneak peek on screen, just wait til we are up on stage!


I parted ways from Justin (just for a week! He had to get the kids!), and traveled from Ft. Lauderdale to Joplin, MO with my best friend, Thuy. I met many of her friends, shared what we have to offer, and gained even MORE friendships. We had fun stopping at random beaches, taking pictures, reconnecting with old friends, visiting crazy towns, singing in the car, and enjoying LIFE.

Once we got to Missouri, I watched Thuy go from a follower to a leader. She is so determined to educate others how they can focus on getting what they want, and giving them the gift of ATTENTION. She really LISTENS to their needs, wants, and fears. No one gets that from an 8-5 job. I’m so glad to have her as my friend and business partner. She truly is a remarkable woman.

I was ab542743_581590612313_1643138360_nle to reconnect with old friends in Oklahoma. It was wonderful seeing their faces again. It was great to hear how much I have impacted their lives and how they still utilize the tools I taught them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In Oklahoma, we visited our dear friend, Michael, who was sick in the hospital from stress in his life. Our presence impacted the choices that he will be making in the future. It was great to see him again, and God has a plan for him and his family.  He’s learning how to be happy with what he has while pursuing all that he wants to get. 69614_581590722093_1288537691_n

Our last stop was Kansas City, MO. I met up with my best friend, Kalli. It felt so good to reconnect with her.  I didn’t see her for about 2 years, but we always pick up where we left off. Those are the friends you want to keep.  The ones who pick up where you left off years ago. They don’t care about the times you didn’t call, email, or text.  They only care about your friendship. They love you, trust you, and support you, no matter where you’re at on the map. It was great to see her, her mother, and her sister. They are like family to me, and I’m looking forward to reconnecting our paths!

Don’t Let Others Affect Your Decisions

“The worst thing one can do is not to try, not go for what they desire, and then spend years in  to be aware of what one wants and not give in to it, to spend years in silent hurt wondering if something could have materialized – never knowing.” -J. R

If we would have listened to those that warned us about our path, we would not have reconnected with all the people we met during our travels.  Thuy would still be at her P.A job, working for someone else’s fortune, stressed from the pressure of her peers at work, and frustrated because she can’t travel with her family. Justin would still be working 50-60 hours/week, away from us, and the money I would be making would be going to our nanny. No profits, just wasted time. We would not have learned how to earn our time back.

I will tell you, since we chose this new adventure, I have learned that PROFITS ARE BETTER THAN WAGES. I may have been away from our children for 2 weeks, but it was well worth it. This is what they’d want me to do: change lives.  And because we are changing lives and improving the focus of life is really about, our fortune is growing.  Yours can too.  Don’t ever think you can’t do something.  Even if your family and friends think your choices or ideas are crazy, don’t let their opinions change the course of your life.

We have made our children the REASON to do what we do today.

2012-12-31 20.08.37

Stay focused, stay motivated, stay committed, and PRACTICE MAKES PERMENANT!

For any questions, feel free to email me at serenityoakswellness@gmail.com.

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