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23 1/2 Hours in a Day

You know the biggest excuse I get from my clients and customers when I coach them on their health is: I DON’T HAVE TIME. Most the time, I’d like to shake these individuals and scream until I’m blue in the face, but then my business would probably fail! Instead, I’m here to coach others, and … Continue reading

Getting back into shape (post baby)

A few weeks ago, I gave birth to a precious little girl, Evelyn Grace!  The last few months of the pregnancy caused some limitations to my activities. I was told to lay off them until I was 35 weeks pregnant. And let me tell ya, once I hit that mark, I was walking, running, doing … Continue reading

Why Natural Birth?

On September 18th, at 12:03am, Evelyn Grace was born at 7lbs 12oz and 21.5 in. It was a quick labor, matter of fact, it was so fast, there was no way anyone could have left the room to get a sandwich and came back in time to gobble it up.  Luckily, we live only 5min … Continue reading

Pregnancy and Exercise

So you’re pregnant, or your girlfriend or wife are pregnant, and they’re looking into exercising during the fun filled 40 weeks of carrying a bowling ball. You’re worried (or they’re worried) of gaining ‘x’ amount of weight during the life of the pregnancy. It’s not something to fret about. Think about it, a new life … Continue reading