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Getting back into shape (post baby)

A few weeks ago, I gave birth to a precious little girl, Evelyn Grace!  The last few months of the pregnancy caused some limitations to my activities. I was told to lay off them until I was 35 weeks pregnant. And let me tell ya, once I hit that mark, I was walking, running, doing … Continue reading

Why Natural Birth?

On September 18th, at 12:03am, Evelyn Grace was born at 7lbs 12oz and 21.5 in. It was a quick labor, matter of fact, it was so fast, there was no way anyone could have left the room to get a sandwich and came back in time to gobble it up.  Luckily, we live only 5min … Continue reading

Pregnancy and Exercise

So you’re pregnant, or your girlfriend or wife are pregnant, and they’re looking into exercising during the fun filled 40 weeks of carrying a bowling ball. You’re worried (or they’re worried) of gaining ‘x’ amount of weight during the life of the pregnancy. It’s not something to fret about. Think about it, a new life … Continue reading