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Medicine Ball Push Ups

Part of my exercise regime. Medicine ball push ups. Always make sure your arms are under your shoulders to keep your rotators safe. Hips and head should always be in line with the spine, abs tight, and never go past the ROM. If you bring your chest too far to the ground, you can over … Continue reading

Exercise of the Week

I love mixing yoga exercises as a filler with my clients. It’s great for flexibility, core stability, hip flexion, increase shoulder mobility, and definitely just improving range of motion (ROM) all around. One of my favorite exercises is the ‘Dive Bomber.’ This movement requires strength, flexibility, and utilizes groups of muscles in the upper body. … Continue reading

Exercise of the Week

As many of you may know, I entered into a Warrior Dash this June. It’s 3 miles of tough trails and challenging obstacle courses! Now, the thing about New England is that it’s pretty hilly! So this may be a tough course! I’m going to have to train hard to make sure that I get … Continue reading

Know your limitations……

So we’ve been dumped on with a bunch of snow, AGAIN. Gotta love New England weather! On Tuesday we got about 4 inches then Wednesday we got a foot.  It was fun shoveling a passageway for the pups. Why can’t they just learn how to use toilets? Man, that would make life so much easier! … Continue reading

Exercise of the Week: Plank

For those of you who take my classes, you know that we never do any flexion or extension exercises for the abs. Why? When looking at the anatomy of the lumbar spine, it allows movement for all planes (saggital, frontal, and transverse), however, there are limitations. The lumbar spine is able to cover flexion and … Continue reading