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Homemade Sweet Potato Enchiladas

Sounds like a weird mixture, right? But when you put the the two together, it’s actually quite tasty! My husband always thinks I put some weird things together for dinner, but they always turn out so scrumptious! A few days ago, we didn’t have much in the house (hadn’t gone grocery shopping yet!) and the … Continue reading

Sweet Potato Muffin Breakfast

If you read my previous post: sweet potato crust pizza. All of my ingredients are listed there. These were pretty sweet so you couldn’t really taste much of the garlic or seasonings that I put in. All I did was use the left overs from the pizza crust and poured into a muffin pan. I … Continue reading

Sweet Potato Crust Pizza

This is such a great healthy pizza for those living a gluten free lifestyle! My kids LOVED it and I doubled the recipe. I used the left overs to make muffins 😉 1.5 cups of sweet potato 1.5 cups of almond flour (or any other flour) 2 eggs 1 egg white ( I used our … Continue reading

Venison Stew

Mmmm…. This was so good on a cold wintery night! We got some fresh deer meat from a friend so I made some stew out of it. It’s really easy 1 lb Venison steak, cubed 1 sm-med yellow onion, diced 2 large tomatoes, cubed OR 1 can or organic, salt free tomatoes 3/4 cup of … Continue reading

Wheat Can Cause Inflammation, Kick it to the Curb!

America’s Diet Ahhhh the typical Western Diet: ‘Whole Grains’ has become such an integral part of our eating habits as we were taught that we NEED FIBER! Because of this, the intake of processed foods and refined sugars have become an important part of our eating habits. In 2010, according to the American Institute of … Continue reading

Healthy Shopping on a Dime

Grocery shopping can be such a pain in the butt sometimes. Most of us are unsure where to shop, how to shop, and just search for the cheapest deals.  Here’s my input on grocery shopping: it’s like waiting in line at McDonald’s. You order what you want, then they ship you off. We’re like walking, … Continue reading

Some of My Favorite Smoothie Recipes

I just LOVE smoothies. Especially when they are packed with so many vitamins and nutrients, it keeps me energized throughout the whole day! Best of all, it only takes minutes to blend, and minutes to enjoy, with hours of ENERGY! I don’t use any powders, supplements, or additives. I use whole, natural, organic produce. The … Continue reading

Pumpkin, the Healthy Treat!

 ‘Tis the season to eat LOTS of pumpkin!   The leaves are changing and frost bites the air.  Our taste-buds are craving for those pumpkin flavored coffees and desserts!  There’s a great reason why pumpkin should be added into your diet: it’s a nutritional treat that provides many benefits. Now, that doesn’t mean you should run … Continue reading

Yummy Juicer Recipe

If you have a juicer, use it. If you don’t have one, I’d recommend you get one! Look on Craigslist or check out your local Walmart, Target, Kmart, etc. for one. You can find the Jack LaLanne’s brand for  like $50-$60.  Juicing is a great way to get a boost of those natural vitamins and … Continue reading