Nutritional Counseling

Did you know that NO STATE in the United States has the prevalence of obesity of less than 20%?  In 2010, the obesity prevalence by state ranged from 21% in Colorado to 34% in Mississippi.

The 2 leading causes of death in the US are caused by heart disease, and cancers (breast, colon, prostate, etc.) Most of this is caused by the environment we live in, and the foods we eat. And according the AICR, the US ranks #7 in the world as having the highest amounts of cancer and diseases (about 300 out of 100,000 people have cancer or a disease). What you put into your mouth, will predict the outcome of your health!

 I am here to train you how to use simple nutritional tools that will enable you to regain your health and transform your life.  You will learn a system of pure living which won’t compare to anything offered elsewhere,  and you will learn how to incorporate healthy nutrition into even the most hectic schedule!

My consultation is not “one-size-fits-all” meal plan. I have found that these type of plans do not give you the proper tools on how to eat properly. With my approach, I have helped many of my clients from various backgrounds (overweight, undernourished, athletes, medical issues, etc.) significantly improve their health.  My services can be offered anywhere, as I have successfully worked with individuals in various locations around the nation!

My Nutritional Counseling includes the following:

  1. In-depth monitoring of your food intake.
  2. Personal educational consultations as to what to eat and why.
  3. Bi-weekly group nutritional seminars.
  4. Weekly nutritional tips, recipes, and additional incentives to expand your food knowledge.
  5. Incredible amounts of accountability!

The cost of my Nutritional Counseling is only $65/month! If a Fitness Package is purchased, you will get 15% off!

Contact me NOW to get you started TODAY!

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