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Our chicken coupe

So Justin has been doing such an amazing job reusing materials to get our farm going. We are in the process of building our chicken coupe! It’s almost done! Why go out and spend hundreds to almost thousands on a chicken coupe, when you can reuse the materials in your own back yard? We’ve been … Continue reading

Medicine Ball Push Ups

Part of my exercise regime. Medicine ball push ups. Always make sure your arms are under your shoulders to keep your rotators safe. Hips and head should always be in line with the spine, abs tight, and never go past the ROM. If you bring your chest too far to the ground, you can over … Continue reading

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

  Instead of talking about change, and waiting for that chance to land in your lap, get up and do something about it. The only person that is holding you back from reaching your dreams and grasping onto your goals is YOURSELF.  Take the risk by stepping outside of your comfort circle, and go do … Continue reading

Determination: Never Give Up

Are you determined to succeed? If so, where is that determination coming from? The heart? The drive? Out of anger? We all set goals so we can strive to reach them, but do we really accomplish what we want out of the deal? Sometimes the outcome will be completely opposite of what you were looking … Continue reading