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Sweet Potato Muffin Breakfast

If you read my previous post: sweet potato crust pizza. All of my ingredients are listed there. These were pretty sweet so you couldn’t really taste much of the garlic or seasonings that I put in. All I did was use the left overs from the pizza crust and poured into a muffin pan. I … Continue reading

Some of My Favorite Smoothie Recipes

I just LOVE smoothies. Especially when they are packed with so many vitamins and nutrients, it keeps me energized throughout the whole day! Best of all, it only takes minutes to blend, and minutes to enjoy, with hours of ENERGY! I don’t use any powders, supplements, or additives. I use whole, natural, organic produce. The … Continue reading

Banana Cranberry Bars, Tasteful Treat

Ohhh my, I feel like I’m in a snow globe right now! I’m so mad because I’ve had to cancel two of my Bootcamp classes!  Poor bootcampers haven’t been able to get in a good sweat!  However, it’s out of our control so let Mother Nature take it’s path! Due to the weather, I’m getting … Continue reading