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Medicine Ball Push Ups

Part of my exercise regime. Medicine ball push ups. Always make sure your arms are under your shoulders to keep your rotators safe. Hips and head should always be in line with the spine, abs tight, and never go past the ROM. If you bring your chest too far to the ground, you can over … Continue reading

Free Weights vs. Resistance Training

I’ve had numerous people ask me, “Which is better? Free weights or resistance training?” It’s a great question, because when you think about it, both are beneficial for your body.  When you go to the gym, you hop on the treadmill as part of your warm up, and scan the room: you have the meat … Continue reading


“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration“- Thomas Edison If you think that living a healthy lifestyle is a cake walk, guess again.  It takes commitment, motivation, patience, determination, responsibility, and a boost of confidence to stay focused on accomplishing those goals. If you lack one of those, then it’s only going to make your … Continue reading