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Free Weights vs. Resistance Training

I’ve had numerous people ask me, “Which is better? Free weights or resistance training?” It’s a great question, because when you think about it, both are beneficial for your body.  When you go to the gym, you hop on the treadmill as part of your warm up, and scan the room: you have the meat … Continue reading

Exercise of the Week

I love mixing yoga exercises as a filler with my clients. It’s great for flexibility, core stability, hip flexion, increase shoulder mobility, and definitely just improving range of motion (ROM) all around. One of my favorite exercises is the ‘Dive Bomber.’ This movement requires strength, flexibility, and utilizes groups of muscles in the upper body. … Continue reading

Muscle Activation Exercises

When ever you are ready to workout, especially the lower body, it’s very important to hit some warm ups that target certain muscle groups so they become ACTIVATED. With muscle activation, you are ‘jumpstarting’ those muscles. Because our job lives are so sedentary, it’s good to hit these exercises to target the weak muscles, and … Continue reading

Preventing Knee Pain

You know the feeling when your knee acts like it’s going to just rip out of your leg? Or the right side of it is throbbing so bad that it’s keeping your from walking? Typical knee problems. I see it everyday in my clients. Most of it is lack of muscle activation, whether it be … Continue reading

Know your limitations……

So we’ve been dumped on with a bunch of snow, AGAIN. Gotta love New England weather! On Tuesday we got about 4 inches then Wednesday we got a foot.  It was fun shoveling a passageway for the pups. Why can’t they just learn how to use toilets? Man, that would make life so much easier! … Continue reading

Correcting Your Posture

“Sit straight!” “No slouching at the table!” “You look like a slob, now straighten that back!” Sound familiar?? These are things my mom used to say to me and my brother. My ballet teacher would either lightly smack my head or butt telling me to either stand straight or bring that pelvis forward! As a … Continue reading