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Pregnancy and Exercise

So you’re pregnant, or your girlfriend or wife are pregnant, and they’re looking into exercising during the fun filled 40 weeks of carrying a bowling ball. You’re worried (or they’re worried) of gaining ‘x’ amount of weight during the life of the pregnancy. It’s not something to fret about. Think about it, a new life … Continue reading

Boot Camper of the Month

I would like to announce that Corrin Keblinsky is our boot camper of the month! She has been with us for a while, shows up promptly, is always ready to workout, has inspired and been inspired by others, and is very dedicated to reach her goals! I’m so proud of her and her accomplishments. This … Continue reading

Boot Campers of the Month!

Every month I pick a special boot camper. My ideal boot camper is someone who shows up on time, is very dedicated, works hard to reach their goals, is a positive team player, and inspires others around him/her. The Boot Camper of the Month gets their picture taken for me to post on Facebook and … Continue reading

Know your limitations……

So we’ve been dumped on with a bunch of snow, AGAIN. Gotta love New England weather! On Tuesday we got about 4 inches then Wednesday we got a foot.  It was fun shoveling a passageway for the pups. Why can’t they just learn how to use toilets? Man, that would make life so much easier! … Continue reading

Eating Breakfast can Help You Lose Weight

What was that I just said? If I eat breakfast, it’ll help me lose weight?? Now don’t load up on your BooBerry’s or AppleJack cereals! What I’m talking about is a good source of protein (eggs, yogurt, or oatmeal), with a good source of fiber (oatmeal, berries, WHOLE WHEAT TOAST, preferably organic). Eating a regular … Continue reading